Birds of BIOME


Recent activity on BIOME Project transects included a Blue Grosbeak at the Falk Park study site, seen by Brian Russart on a transect there. Just today a number of Tennessee Warblers,  a Philadelphia Vireo, Scarlet Tanagers, and the arrival of good numbers of both Red-eyed Vireos and Eastern Wood-Pewees on several sites was noted. For more information e-mail Bill at




Hermit Thrushes and kinglets, along with White-throated Sparrows, Brown Creepers, and Yellow-rumped Warblers are moving through now.


Many warbler species are gradually dropping out of the list for transects, and several mid–autumn sparrows, kinglets, and Brown Creeper are increasing now. Soon the juncos will be showing up in greater numbers. I had more than 35 robins on one transect; their numbers are growing now also.


Most recent noteworthy species on a transect: White-eyed Vireo, which was found in exactly the same location and same week as last year!

Transects are  underway —- e-mail me for more info  on how to get involved. If you have bird identification skills – or would like to learn them – we can use your help:

Over 130 bird species have been found on BIOME Project study sites; they have included the following species. Among rarities found thus far we’ve had a Mississippi Kite.

2 forest raptor spp.
3 wrens
Black-b. Cuckoo
5 thrushes, B.-g. Gnatcatcher
Gr. Horned Owl
C. Waxwing
5 woodpecker spp.
Br. Creeper
7 flycatcher spp.
5 vireo spp.
5 swallow spp.
25 warbler spp.
Am. Crow & Blue Jay
 2 grosbeaks, Scarlet Tanager, Indigo Bunting
Black-c. Chickadee & White-br. Nuthatch
 5 sparrows, 3 blackbirds & Baltimore Oriole

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